Daniel Moreau


A Daniel Moreau Chronology

A painter and a color theorist based on Goethe & Steiner’s works
A researcher on scientific works of Goethe
An art teacher for adults and children

1948 Born in the suburb of Paris, France. Started painting as a child. As a trainee of Biodynamic agriculture he worked in different farms in France and Germany, and deepened his knowledge of anthroposophy through the direct experiences.

1967 Moved to Germany where he encountered Mr. & Mrs. Willmann, his teachers. A few years later than this year he started working as an art therapist at a psychological therapy clinic Friedrich Husemann where he offered wood carving and basket weave for patients as a treatment, while he learned special hatching technique from Inge Willmann. This technique in art was initially developed by Assia Turgenieff, a student of Rudolf Steiner. Moreau further developed this technique in his representative works of wax crayon painting.

1978 Moved to Lake Constance where he worked as a teacher for children with special needs at a Camphill community school for some years.

1982 Opened a gallery and a book shop in Uberlingen, and started working as a freelance artist. Since then on he focused his works in painting, researching on color and form, and teaching art for adults. He widely traveled and taught art in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan (in 1985).

1998 Taught art at a few Waldolf schools.

2005 Moved to Japan in autumn, and started offering workshops on art and painting in Tokyo and through the country according to requests.

“Light Is a Creator for Forms” (Green Apple Publisher + IZARA )
Color story series, “A Light Tree” (Green Apple Publisher)
Color story series, “Green Dance” (Green Apple Publisher)
“Bild – Farbe – Licht”

Series Workshops in Japan
2005 About Geothe’s Color Theory in 10 lectures
2007 ~2008 About Steiner’s Color Theory in 12 lectures
2010 About “Color Knots” with meditative painting in 6 lectures


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